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Portfolio Management

NDB Wealth strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance, service and a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions to its Institutional Clients, which includes Government institutions, Private corporations, Insurance and Provident funds and NGOs. We believe our research driven, value oriented investment philosophy together with our well structured investment process are the core strengths where NDB Wealth is recognized for its superior Investment Research. The experienced fund managers at NDB Wealth will structure a specific investment portfolio, taking into consideration your exact requirements and goals.


  • 1 Discover and Goal setting Diagnostic
    Setting investment objectives
    Identification of constraints
    Formulating strategy.
  • 2 Investment management Portfolio
    Asset Allocation
    Portfolio Management:
    Cash Management
    Fixed Income
  • 3 Wealth advisory services Trusts
    Risk Management
    Financial Planning
    Custody of Assets.
  • 4 Communication Client Service
    Performance Analysis
    Administration and Reporting