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Fund Prices (LKR)

As at 2023-09-26 | Return YTD (Non Annualized)

NDB Wealth Growth Fund 46.2% 12.1200 12.6500
NDB Wealth Growth & Income Fund 36.4% 55.9100 57.5500
NDB Wealth Income Fund 34.8% 24.7218 24.7218
NDB Wealth Gilt Edged Fund 60.5% 30.2775 30.2775
NDB Wealth Income Plus Fund 19.2% 25.6967 25.6967
NDB Wealth Money Plus Fund 18.1% 33.3101 33.3101
NDB Wealth Money Fund 19.0% 30.3441 30.3441
NDB Wealth Islamic Money Plus Fund 12.3% 21.7459 21.7459