Fund Prices (LKR) As at 2023-03-26 | Return YTD (Non Annualized)

NDB Wealth

Instant overdraft

An instant overdraft is another key to unlocking the power of your savings or investments with NDB Wealth Funds or NDB Wealth Plans. You can now pledge your savings or investment in NDB Wealth Funds or NDB Wealth Plans to meet your urgent liquidity needs. You don't need to withdraw your carefully planned savings or investments at the risk of earning low returns to meet your short term cash needs. NDB Wealth will provide you with an INSTANT OD from one of our partner banks so you can overcome your short term cash needs without hassle.

Features & Benefits
  • • Own your Savings or Investments even after you pledge them to the Bank
  • • Get between 60% to 90% Market Value of your savings or investments as overdraft limit
  • • Competitive Interest Rates and Interest Charged only when you draw
    on the O/D facility and on the Utilized Amount
  • • Easy Application Process
OD Facility (as a % OD to fund value)
Fund Name LTV
Gilt Edged Fund 90%
Money Fund 90%
Money Plus Fund 90%
Income Plus Fund 90%
Income Fund 80%
Growth & Income Fund 70%
Growth Fund 60%
POD OD Rate (%)
3 Months (Fixed) 29.00%
6 Months (Fixed) 29.50%
12 Months (Fixed) 30.00%
Term Lending OD Rate (%)
1 Year (Fixed) ** Due to high volatility of rates in the market, each facility to be referred to business line for rate approval.
2 Year (Fixed)
3 Year (Fixed)
4 Year (Fixed)
5 Year (Fixed)