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Calculator Retirement Savings Plan

Are you between 18 and 60 years of age? Then saving for retirement has never been so EASY and FLEXIBLE. So get started today. Our expert advisors will help you plan the optimal allocation of your money among various saving and investment options. NDB WEALTH Retirement Plans are a truly flexible way to save for your retirement. Unlike a regular bank savings account or expensive insurance policies a NDB WEALTH Retirement Plan makes your money grow at a healthy pace whilst giving you the flexibility to withdraw money anytime. We give you some great options on what you can do next with your savings.

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Calculator Retirement Income Plan

You've had a great first innings through your working life. Now there is a way to ensure your second innings is even better. Enroll in the NDB WEALTH Retirement Income Plan. It will let you maintain your lifestyle and will also help you do all those things that you’ve always wanted to do. This is how it works. First, decide at what age you want to retire. Then decide how much CASH you need per month to live comfortably. Finally, you need to tell us for how many years you need monthly payments. Then we can tell you how much CAPITAL you need to start your retirement. You can start the Retirement Income Plan with a lump sum. Or you can transfer your current Retirement Savings Plan. You can even use your Provident, Pension Fund benefits or Gratuity. You can enhance the amount so you have the perfect starting balance to meet your monthly retirement needs. You can nominate your partner to receive the monthly benefit in the event of your death before the plan expires.

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