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We’re opening out the market to those of you living overseas, but interested in gaining maximum returns from Sri Lanka’s new unstoppable economy. The country has just entered a fast growth cycle with political stability and great macro economic factors driving the Stock and Bond Markets.

As the largest private sector fund manager in Sri Lanka, NDB Wealth offers easy access to the country’s capital market via our series of risk rated mutual funds, with great returns.

Invest in mutual funds through a

"Securities investment account"(SIA) via bank of your choice

Securities Investment Account is an optional account under the regulations provided by the Exchange Control of Sri Lanka for Non-Resident investors to invest and repatriate funds. By investing through a SIA, investors are permitted to invest and repatriate income or sales proceeds in any currency without violating any exchange control regulations.

Open a Securities Investment Account (SIA) with any licensed commercial bank in Sri Lanka or contact us for easy opening of the SIA with National Development Bank PLC.

How to open SIA
Invest directly in

The mutual fundof your choice

Non-Resident individuals and institutions are now able to directly transfer money to any type of mutual fund in Sri Lanka and repatriate in any currency. All you require is to open a account with NDB Wealth and transfer money to its collection account. At the time of repatriation inform NDB Wealth Management the currency you wish to repatriate your investment in.